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How to avoid Taxes in 2 Countries (India & USA – United States of America) – Paying Abroad and again in India?

Lots of people have to stay away from their country because of various reasons. One of the major reasons for this is job. They might have to leave their country and settle in some other country because they work there. Wherever you stay your nationality never changes. It remains the same through your life. Suppose you are a citizen of America but you stay in India. Residing abroad can create lots of questions in your mind, especially when it comes to double taxation. It is […]

What is a Pan Card and how to apply for it online in India?

Pan Number also known as a permanent account number, is an identity that shows you are a tax payer, and without it, you cannot buy anything in India. Any financial transaction will require you to produce the pan number to enable income tax authorities cross check your claims when you file them. It is a specific alphanumeric number that is unique to each PAN card holder and is issued by the income tax authorities under the direction of the Central Board of Direct Taxes or […]