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How to file taxes in India?

How can I file my income tax returns in India? Is this something that you keep asking your self. Well then this article has to be the most important article for you. It is the duty of every citizen of every country to pay their taxes and India is no exception. As an Indian, no matter where you are based, if you earn money within the country, you should pay tax. Remember that the money you pay is for a good cause – for the […]

India ID Card– Apply for an Indian Identity Proof Online.

India Identity card is also known as the PAN card. This is more like a India Tax ID Card which is also known as a PAN – Permanent account number. What is PAN Number? PAN stands for Permanent Account Number. It is a alphanumeric number with 10 digits. When you receive the PAN, it is given on a laminated card with your picture and basic information. It looks like an ID card and can be used as an ID proof as well as it is […]

Income Tax in India – A Full review on Filing Returns online from abroad.

Tax compliance by NRI’s are a constant worry as many people are leaving for different parts of the world in search of better opportunities. Even though Non resident Indians enjoy more benefits compared to resident Indians, they are subjected to some limits as well. The main reason is that the NRI’s earn in foreign exchange and their incomes, when brought over to India, helps to swell the forex coffer. NRI is actually a person of Indian origin who is not residing in India for more […]

What is a PAN Number?

What is a PAN card no? PAN as most of them call it is nothing but stands for ‘permanent account number’. A PAN number can be considers as an Indian ID or TAX ID granted by the Income Tax Department of India. This is quite similar to the SSN or the social security number issued in the United States by the IRS. These days a PAN number comes in a 10 digit alphanumeric code, which is embossed on a card. This is known as a […]