Monthly Archives: May 2011

How to Save Tax in India?

So you want to save tax but have no clue how? Don’t worry; a few clever investments can do the trick for you. In fact, that is what most people do because the rates of tax are pretty high in India. Moreover, if you aren’t based in India, you would naturally look to pay as low rates of taxes as possible. The trick to do that, as I have said earlier, is to invest. The same goes for NRIs – Non Resident Indians living around […]

How to Find a PAN Number?

How can I find my pan number? Is this something that is troubling you. Well we talk about knowing your pan number details in this article. A lot of times people end up losing their Pan card which contains the all important PAN number. It is during these times that they have to locate the details of the PAN number and the best place to do that is on the internet. PAN or a permanent account number can be assigned to anyone who is a […]

How to change or update address in PAN Card Number?

I want to change my citizenship and address details in the PAN Card? Is this something that you are looking for? If yes then this is the right article for you. Every citizen of India, and foreign companies based in India needs to have an updated PAN card. Why? Because, the law of the land says that if you would earn money in India, you need to give a percentage of it to the government as tax. This PAN number is issued by the income […]