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How to Re-issue Duplicate incase of a Lost PAN Card?

In order to apply for your replacement pan card if you have misplaced or lost your old pan card, then all you need to know if your own full name, father’s name, and your birthdate. You do not need a copy of your pan card, you can just simply open google and type “know your pan number” they click on the government website and fill out the form. Once you see your pan number, print this page and that is your pan proof document. You […]

How to Apply for a Lost and Duplicate PAN Card?

Finding an old PAN number is impossible as it is not possible for everyone to commit to memory the unique 11 digit number that was allotted to them by the income tax authorities. Many people also end up losing their PAN card which makes it difficult for them to make any financial transactions unless they have a new one in place. In the absence of a PAN card, they cannot even undertake basic purchases or even open an urgent bank account or even apply for […]