How to Find a PAN Number?

How can I find my pan number? Is this something that is troubling you. Well we talk about knowing your pan number details in this article. A lot of times people end up losing their Pan card which contains the all important PAN number. It is during these times that they have to locate the details of the PAN number and the best place to do that is on the internet. PAN or a permanent account number can be assigned to anyone who is a citizen of India – in fact, the government has made it mandatory for all citizens of India to have a PAN number.

The PAN number is really important because it is used as a point of reference by the Income Tax Department of India as well as the Central Board of Taxes so if you by any chance have lost your PAN card, you need to get hold of that number as fast as you can! This card is really important because it kind of acts as a sort of identification proof for the citizens of India. In fact, a PAN card number is pretty much like an identification number. Even NRIs and PIOs, and also OCIs have to apply for a pan card these days.

Don’t Skip It!

There are several reasons why a person might need to get their Pan Card details online. You could, for instance not remember your PAN card number. But as we all know, this is really important if you are thinking of conducting monetary transactions of any significance (above the sum of fifty thousand Indian Rupees). It is always a good idea to safeguard your PAN card carefully because once you lose it, retrieving the details and applying for a new one is quite a tedious procedure indeed.

A lot of people simply choose to skip this step but this is not at all advisable. Remember, prevention is better than cure, so you should try to prevent any circumstance which will lead to your needing to apply for a new Pan card by keeping the existing Pan card safely.

But, if, by any chance, you have lost your PAN card number it is a good idea to set the proceedings for the retrieval of the same into action immediately. You could choose to go to the government’s site and try to do this as soon as you can. But this might not be such a great idea. It is always better to approach a broker firm, especially if you are an NRI.

Methods to Retrieve the Details

Brokers are experienced at handling problems like this. Moreover, brokers are very understanding and help you track down your card details as best as they can. The reason why brokers are recommended is because they are very resourceful. They have several sources, which they can approach for help regarding your matter and can help you carry out the entire process quite smoothly.

Another thing you can do in order to retrieve your Pan card details, is to simply search for the person who issued you the Pan card the first time around. This is a really good option because the person concerned might still be in a position to help you, if he is still working with the government. The person might have the necessary contacts that are required for this kind of thing.

Lastly, you can go online to retrieve the details of your old Pan card. The Income Tax department has provided the citizens of India with various services and facilities to help them track down their Pan Card number so you can definitely take advantage of these services.

All you need to do is download a pan application form from the internet, fill it up and submit it. This will help you retrieve your data. At the same time, it is advisable to keep a photocopy of your PAN card handy at all times.

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    sir, i want my pan card very soon because i m a company employee n having a lot problem to take my sallery. my acknowledgement no. is 05536010038895. n pan no. is AGOPY0041M.

  2. I am a CPA and a NRI. I used to have a NRI account with Citibank. Initially, I found this to be useful for sending money to family and friends at short notice. I eventually closed it due to the great difficulty in transacting business through their web site and poor customer service. I was in Delhi a few years ago and wrote a INR check for some services and the band rejected the check for no reason. Another time, I tried to cash a INR check at a branch in Hyderabad and they refused to cash it claiming the signature did not match even though I had my US passport. Finally, I found the supposed interest advantage of investing in India vanished due to the currency exchange rates they used. My advice is don’t open a NRI bank account unless you are planning to return to India.

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