How to Re-issue Duplicate incase of a Lost PAN Card?

In order to apply for your replacement pan card if you have misplaced or lost your old pan card, then all you need to know if your own full name, father’s name, and your birthdate. You do not need a copy of your pan card, you can just simply open google and type “know your pan number” they click on the government website and fill out the form. Once you see your pan number, print this page and that is your pan proof document.

You can apply for a duplicate pan card by filling up the duplicate pan card form and filing it with any online broker. All of the other documents involved are the same as if you were applying for a new pan card. When filling up the form, make sure that your name, father’s name, and date of birth stay the same as they were the first time you filed for pan card. If there is any mismatch in information, your pan card process will be delayed by the government office.

How to find out old pan number?

Firstly you need to find your existing pan number by going to the income tax website. This website will give you your pan card number. If you do not have time for this, you can also find your pan card number on your tax returns that you have filed in the past, your credit card information, your bank accounts or demat account that you have opened, your pan card allotment letter, or by using your coupon number given to you when applying for it.

Here is how you go ahead and apply for a duplicate pan card:

Find the correct form it will be called a duplicate/correction form. You can find assistance when filing this form here:

Applying for the duplicate pan card is very similar to the process when applying for a new one. For NRIs, the fee for a duplicate pan card is Rs.944 the same as a new application. You will need an ID proof, address proof, and new photos as well. You can also include the police FIR along with the application, but this is not required.

This article is written in order to inform you about the duplicate pan card process or lost pan card process. We can assist NRIs when applying for a duplicate pan card in India. You dont need an address proof in India and you never have to come to India.

If you Need a Correction in your existing PANcard, we can help you with that too. We have helped NRIs all over the globe when applying for a pan card correction. We help make changes in their names, father’s name, DOB, signature, photograph, and many other things.

Another thing that we can assist you with is getting your foreign address and NRI status updated with the government. Clients who fit in this category are those who have a pan card that they received while living in India, and are now living abroad and clients who have changed their address abroad.

Government processes for the pan card are usually very difficult, thats where we come in. Our advisers make this simple by providing their expertise to you. They can also file up the form for you, or anything you might have trouble with, they can help.

IF you are still unsure about the duplicate pan card process, then you should can simply write into us.
Or you can visit the same site and go to the apply now button and start your process where you will receive assistance the entire way through. You will first need to fill your form with all of the current information, then you will need to gather your documents for a duplicate or correction pan card, then you will need to mail it to our office, and we take care of the rest. We get everything submitted for you and follow up with it on your behalf.

We help you if you have lost your pan card, go ahead and start your process for applying for a duplicate pan card.


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