India ID Card– Apply for an Indian Identity Proof Online.

India Identity card is also known as the PAN card. This is more like a India Tax ID Card which is also known as a PAN – Permanent account number.

What is PAN Number?

PAN stands for Permanent Account Number. It is a alphanumeric number with 10 digits. When you receive the PAN, it is given on a laminated card with your picture and basic information. It looks like an ID card and can be used as an ID proof as well as it is issued by the government.

Is a PAN Necessary for NRIs?

These days the Income Tax Department of India has made it mandatory to provide your PAN when paying taxes, filing for a tax return, opening a bank account, investing, trading, buying real estate and everything else where tax is involved.

What does a PAN Card Contain?

The PAN card states all of your basic information on it including: your PAN, your name, your birth date, your father’s name, and your signature.

In case of a company pan, the card will include the PAN, the name of the company, and the date of your company formation or incorporation.

How do you apply for a PAN Online?

Applying this Indian Identity card is really simply. You can simply click this link to apply online.

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