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Who we are?

PanCardNri.com is a network site of ni2 financial, that holds the privilege of bringing the world's first investment portal for global Indians: nriInvestIndia.com.

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Your simple instructions about filling a PAN forms made it very easy for me to get the process done quickly. Am glad I found your website. Thanks.

B. Priya (New York, USA)

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nri pan card   We have helped around 1.5 lakh NRIs globally, to apply PAN cards!

  We offer Hassle free process

  Oldest NRI firm in the world

  Get your PANcard internationally

  WHAT IS A PAN CARD? It is a laminated card issued by the Tax Department of India bearing a unique ten digit alphanumeric permanent account number (PAN); which is mandatory for NRIs to provide while carrying any kind of financial transaction in India.  


Why is it compulsory for a NRI?

With effect from April 1st, 2007, it's now compulsory for NRIs & Foreign Passport holders to quote PAN on all kinds of money related transactions in India: to buy property, open demat/bank account, transferring money, make investments, carrying business, filing or paying taxes, etc.

What does a PAN card contain?

The PAN card states all of your basic information on it including: your permanent account number, name, birth date, father's name, photograph, Govt hologram and signature.

Who is eligible to apply for it?

Eligibility is not a question here. Anyone of any age can register for one, except for certain citizens of a few exempted countries cannot register.

Does a NRI pay tax, if he gets a PAN no?

No. A NRI pays tax only if he makes/accrues income in India. Getting a PAN does not mean he pays taxes to India if he is NOT making money in India.


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    Just INR.2700 (approx $49)
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Govt procedure is getting complex everyday. It's advised to apply for the whole family in advance!


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* Attestation is not needed in many cases. However there could be situations where a client would have to get an attestation himself for his case.