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Who we are?

This website is the world's oldest PAN site for non-residents. In the gone 7 years, we have helped around 150,000 individuals and over 500 companies in the United Kingdom (UK), US, Canada, Australia, Singapore, etc to apply for a company PAN no online.

What we offer?

Once you start your process with us, we provide you forms, samples, etc, step by step guidance from start to finish & coordinate with the Tax department on your behalf till you get your PANcard, making the entire process simple for you.


Need A PAN Card For Your Organization?

Let us help you the way we have guided over 500+ companies worldwide

Step by Step Help Quick and Reliable

7 years in business

100s of clients globally

If you wish to get your invoices paid from India, reduce your tax rates or claim back your withholding taxes deducted here (whether you have an office in India or not) you will be required to submit a business PAN number as per the new rules laid by the Govt of India.

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What is a PAN (permanent account number)?

is a 10 digit alphanumeric number issued by the Tax Authority of India in the form of a laminated card, known as the PAN card. This can be considered as a tax ID, which is quite similar to the EIN or Social security number (SSN) issued in the United States of America).
Why do businesses registered outside India require it?

As per the latest rules Govt rules it is now mandatory for international organizations to get a PAN card for company, with or without any business presence in India, if they wish to avoid tax deduction at a higher rate, to get invoices paid and carry business transactions.
How to start, what is the procedure and fees?

Simply send us your inquiry using the green form given below. Our adviser contacts you about the complete company application procedure and outlines you as to how we can simplify this tedious Government process of applying a PAN number for your organization.


Word of appreciation from our client!
Ms. Sarah Michaels - Financial Controller,
Liberty Consulting & Trading Solutions LLC.
New York, United States of America.

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