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Who are we?

This site is a property of ni2 financial, which is also the parent firm for the world's biggest financial portal for Indians diasporas globally - NriInvestIndia.com

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One flat fee of $49 (approx Rs.3000) per individual applicant, for all kinds of cases like: New, re-print, corrections, updates, changes, duplicate, re-issue, etc.

Our Fees For Individuals Include:

  Government processing & posting back charges
  Rupee draft preparing & Indian notarization fee
  Our assistance/service charges
  We don't ask for anymore money  later
  30 day money back guarantee

scam alert

A lot of frauds & scammers, will promise to get a PAN for you at a very cheap rate and in return they will get you one under the Indian residency status which is Rs.100. This is totally illegal.

If someone is promising to get it for a cheap price, then they are certainly conducting illegal practices. Please be advised that as a non-resident, you must register under the non-resident status and pay the requisite NRI fee; which is currently Rs.989.


For Companies & Organizations: The charges vary from client to client as nature of each entity is different. Some are trusts, SO corporations, Incorporations, LLC, partnerships, etc. To get a quote and understand documents involved please contact us here.


PAN card process is getting difficult everyday for NRIs.

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* Attestation is not needed in many cases. However there could be situations where a client would have to get an attestation himself for his case.