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Who are we?

PanCardNri.com is product of ni2 financial, and a network site of NriInvestIndia.com
We are the
world's oldest site that has been online since last 7 years and have helped over 150,000 NRIs globally to get a PAN card from India.

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NRI FAQs (frequently asked questions)!

Q1. What is a PAN number?

A1. Full form of PAN is permanent account number. It is a unique identity number allotted to individuals and companies by the Indian tax department.

Q2.  What is a PAN card?

A2. It is a plastic card that reflects your PAN number.

Q3. What does a PANcard reflect?

A3. It shows a Govt hologram, your name, date of birth or date of incorporation, signature, photograph, etc.

Q4. Why is it needed?

A4. As per new regulatory norms, both resident & non-residents Indians; including international companies with or without any presence in India, are required to provide a copy of their PAN card while carrying financial or business transactions; like: opening bank accounts, paying bills, filing taxes, raising invoices, buying or selling real estate, etc to name a few.

Q5. How can this website help you?

A5. Getting a PAN card from the Indian Government can be a complex process for people living outside India. Our goal is to make this process simple and hassle free for our clients. Once you start your process with us; our adviser contacts you to understand your case in depth, provides you requisite application forms and advises you on what documents need to be provided and help you fill the forms. You send these documents to us which we check for errors and coordinate with you for corrections. We then get documents notarized in India if needed, get a rupee draft made from a bank and submit your documents to the NRI PAN centre for processing. A copy of acknowledgment receipt is sent to you, along with an online tracking link where you can track your case status. Simultaneously, we keep following-up with the department so that your case is processed on an expedited basis. And finally you get your PAN Card at your Indian or foreign location.

Q6. What is the procedure for NRIs to apply?

A6. You can apply through us. To understand the process, please visit this link, OR simply apply here.

Q7. How secure is my data & documents with you?

A7. We have a strict document protection & privacy policy for our clients. We do not share your information with any third party apart from the Govt department. You can know more about our privacy policy here.

Q8. Can I apply without coming to India OR without having an Indian address?

A8. Yes you can apply without visiting India or having a address here.

Q9. What are the charges?

A9. You can pay the fee securely on our safe online payment gateway using international debit/credit cards.
For individuals: USD$49 per application (approximately INR.3000).
For companies: Get a free quote by visiting here

Q10. Can I pay in some other currency?

A10. Our online payment gateway charges USD$49, but it automatically converts and charges equivalent of your currency at the current market price; so you don't have to worry.

Q11. Do you accept rupee cheques OR Netbanking?

A11. Yes. To send us a check you can contact us here AND to pay online via netbanking using Indian debit or credit cards, simply visit this link: www.pancardnri.com/apply-online.php

Q12. What is included in the fee?

A12. It includes almost everything, like processing and mailing back, rupee bank draft making, notarization if needed in India and our service charges. However, a client has to get an apostille (if required) and mail/post his application package to us at his own cost.

Q13. Is there any yearly maintenance fee?

A13. No. There is no yearly fee. Once you get a PAN you dont have to anything yearly.

Q14. Do I have to renew it every year?

A14. No. Once you get it, its good forever.

Q15. How long does it take?

A15. After your application is submitted it takes 3-4 days for the PAN number to come online, and the physical delivery at your foreign address would take around 15-20 days only.

Q16. What supporting documents are required?

A16. Paperwork depends upon what passport you hold. To know more about what you would need, click here.

Q17. Is there a urgent/tatkaal seva for NRIs - non residents?

A17. Unfortunately, the Govt of India does not offer an urgent service to NRIs, as they need to check records of NRIs which takes time, process, print and dispatch; which in turn easily takes a minimum of 15-20 days. However, we try to get your processing done on an expedited basis.

Q18. Do I need to file taxes in India if I acquire a PAN number?

A18. As far as we know, an applicant only pays taxes in India if he/she makes money in India. If you do not make money in India then you don't pay taxes here. Having a PAN does not necessarily means that you need to pay taxes. You only pay, if you accrue income in India.

Q19. How many PANs can I hold?

A19. A person or a company can hold only 1 PAN. Possessing more than 1 PAN is a criminal offence.

Q20. Does, it reduces withholding tax rates for companies?

A20. Yes it does in certain cases. However we still request you to contact a qualified Indian tax consultant or adviser to research this for you. Our sister concern below can do this for you:

Q21. I have more questions, where can I contact you?

Q21. You may email us or call us by visiting us here.



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* Attestation is not needed in many cases. However there could be situations where a client would have to get an attestation himself for his case.