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Who are we?

PanCardNri.com is product of ni2 financial, and a network site of NriInvestIndia.com
We are the
world's oldest site that has been online since last 7 years and have helped over 150,000 NRIs globally to get a PAN card from India.

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Refund Policy:


  • All clients of PanCardNri.com unless specifically refuse in writing, permit PanCardNri.com the right to receive their pan cards at the their Indian office and cross check the details of the pan card with respect to the details in the documents provided by the client. PanCardNri.com reseves the right to refuse any refund claims by the clients that do not provide PanCardNri.com with the above mentioned authority.

  • If for any reason you wish to cancel our services within 30 days from the date of your payment (provided we have NOT received your PAN application and documents at our office) - we offer a 100% refund.

  • If your pan card application and other supporting documents are received by PanCardNri.com you can do so with 10% deduction of the payment received from you. The refund will be made in due course.

  • However, if you decide to cancel the services after your Pan card application and supporting documents were received by PanCardNri.com but before the application is submitted with the government officials the deduction will be increased to 35% of the fess paid by you. The balance refund will be given in due course.

  • In case the application has been submitted with the government officials 'NO refund' will be provided whether you opt to receive the pan card or not in that case will be entirely your decision. PanCardNri.com reserves the right not to entertain any refund requests in such a scenario.

  • In case of misprinting on the pan card the client will be asked to submit a new form and will be required to send the documents again along with some additional documents if required. If the client decides not to do so, no refund will be given. PanCardNri.com will bear the expenses pertaining to applying the new pan card provided the client had not denied PanCardNri.com the authority to receive and check the details of the Pan card.

  • In case of misprinting we will be incurring the expenses (if the client had given prior authority to receive their packet in our India office) required to make the necessary changes, but the client has to provide the documents asked by the government. In case the client decides to not provide the documents or is unable to provide the documents no refund will be given.

  • In case the client provides the documents the pan card is delivered within 25 working days after we receive the documents again.

  • By sending an application to PanCardNri.com, you accept the above, including but not limited to that PanCardNri.com is not liable for any action or inaction of any government body or FOR the performance of any third party delivery company and that PanCardNri.comís liability is limited strictly as set forth above.

    Got questions? 

    If you have any questions pertaining to how our refund policy works, then please feel free to email us at: info@pancardnri.com




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* Attestation is not needed in many cases. However there could be situations where a client would have to get an attestation himself for his case.