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Customer Of The Month!

Sarah Michaels. Financial Controller.
Liberty Consulting & Trading Solutions LLC. (NYC, USA)


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# Some More NRI Client Reviews!

Narendra Tummala (USA)
I worked with Ms. Prachi Gupta and her team for getting the new PAN card. They have answered all my queries very promptly in the process and they are very knowledgeable. After sending the application and necessary documents, I received the card in 3 weeks. Their service is excellent and I would strongly recommend this company for getting faster and excellent service.

Kalai Muniyan (Australia)
Excellent service & good communication. Highly recommended. Very honest and reliable service. I received my PAN card as promised though courier. Ms. Prachi Gupta is courteous and professional and responds to email queries promptly.
If you need to apply for a PAN card from the Brisbane, this is the place to go.

Prashant Palvia (USA)
I applied for my and my wife's PAN card from the U.S. Our experience was totally positive. Our case was handled by Ms. Prachi Gupta. She was extremely professional, prompt and diligent in her work. She stayed with me and guided me throughout the process. Although I sent my application by registered mail by the US Post Office, it was lost and I had to send it again. But once the applications were received in Prachi's office, she expedited the process and we received our PAN cards in time for our trip to India. Keep up the good work!

Mr. Anil Pancholi (USA)
After unsuccessful attempt to get PAN cards whilst we were in India because of lack of information. I went on internet after coming back to England and found your firm's address. I Contacted you straight away on premise of your services and prompt service. You kept both sides of your bargain and we received our cards with in a month of sending you the documents. We are indeed proud being Indians the service you provided and kept updated at every stage of application and acquisition of the same.

Mr. Anjan Roy (United Kingdom)
I had a wonderful experience !! It was completely seamless with no hassle to get my PAN card in London. Right from the beginning, I found the entire process to be very helpful. The regular communication regarding the status was timely and accurate. I would recommend PanCardNri for anyone who is looking for a hassle free experience. I wish every other company is also as good as PanCardNri !!

Mr. Suganthi Srinivasan (Germany)
It was a pleasant experience working with Ms. Prachi Gupta. The service was wonderful. There was follow-up on every step and finally the Pan card was posted to the Bonn address in Germany as well safely. Appreciate all the great service . Would definitely recommend to other folks.

Mr. tadepalli rao (UK)
Recently I had to get pan cards for my two children. I approached Prachi Gupta in India in your organization about the pan cards. She is very attentive and very pleasant right from the Go. Of course i have done enough research before and sent the applications to prachi and she diligently take care of those and i received our pan cards in 3 weeks compared to my pan cards which applied in Hyderabad took nearly 1 year and my wife's pan card took 6 months when we applied again in Hyderabad through my relative who is a tax consultant. For all those who are NRI s like us, please approach Prachi. She will do a Very God Job for You and prove to you that it is not any more Scam India where people do not reply ,never bother to answer properly .specially we people living abroad used to Good customer service from every organization in UK, tend to get frustrated if we have approach any office in India. I clicked very well with Prachi from the day one and realized that she is efficient and, I did not even have to remind her any thing, and she took care of every thing. Very relaxing to deal with people like that in our Own country. I sincerely advise all those NRIs in Uk, USA, Mideast. Please contact Prachi For Your Pan card and other services they offer. I found that even people in London did not give me confidence hence didn't venture to through them.

Mr. Narendra Tummala (Canada)
Miss Prachi Gupta was very professional, efficient, very knowledgeable in helping me solve my problems related with documentation on my side. Thank you to your staff and company for helping assist with my PAN card application. I could not have done it so smoothly without your help.

Mr. Vikram Shah (South Africa)
Thanks for all the help you provided to obtain my pan card. Prachi Gupta walk me through every step of the process, and keep me updated also. I recommend highly of their service. The whole processes took less than two month. Do not look for any one else. God bless you all.

Mr. Raman Joshy (Australia)
I live in Australia and applied for a PAN card through ni2 Financial Consultancy Pvt Ltd and Prachi Gupta guided me all the way with very clear instructions and even sent me an example of a completed application form. Once my application was submitted, she kept me updated on the status of my application and even followed up with the tax department to find out why my application hadn't been processed after 10 days. Prachi then sent me the Speed post tracking number and I was able to track the delivery of my PAN card. I now have my PAN card and I will highly recommend the services of ni2 Financial Consultancy Pvt Ltd to any NRI who requires assistance with the many financial services provided by ni2 Financial Consultancy Pvt Ltd.

Mr. Benny Mathew (USA)
Very efficient and responsive staff. Directions on webpage are clear and logically presented - therefore, application process is very easy. Reasonable price of $ 49 - it would have cost $10 for each page of attestation from Indian Consulate - not to speak of the confusing communications/directions and long lines.
I received the PAN Card within 2 months of mailing the application from the US - there was no need to follow up and stress. Extremely good experience. Thank you.

Mr. Skariah Thomas (USA)
I could not have hoped a better service for NRIs getting a PAN card and in particular Prachi as a contact person for entire process. Prachi is very polite, efficient and attentive, and responds all to messages in a very timely manners. She does not get irritated by unnecessary questions. I recommend their services whole heartedly.

Mr. Divya Tatiraju (USA)
I am in need of a PAN card and I live in USA with an American citizenship.
I just googled and found this company and applied. One Ms. Prachi contacted me and helped through out the process. Very honest and reliable service. I received my PAN card as promised in USPS first class mail. The process took me about 25 days end-to-end. Thank you Prachi. It is a 5 star service, and I really recommend it.


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* Attestation is not needed in many cases. However there could be situations where a client would have to get an attestation himself for his case.