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At you can apply a PAN card for NRI or foreign citizen online, from anywhere in the world in a fast and easy way.

Since 2007, thousands of non-resident Indians, OCIs and foreign citizens in the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, UAE and many other countries have submitted their NRI PAN applications through us. We provide you with a dedicated expert who walks you through the procedure, provide you with the required forms (49a or 49aa), explain how to fill them out correctly, provide you with the list of required documents, double-check all of your paperwork and finally submit it to the Indian government for processing. On the same lines, we do a rigorous followup with the authorities until you receive your e-PAN in the email and the hardcopy of your NRI PAN card via post successfully at your international address. The goal is to manage everything for you and provide the most simplified and fastest process possible, without the need of you coming to India.

 All Types Of Cases

Through us you can make a new, get changes, corrections, updates, duplicate copy reissued, HUF, minor, reprint in case of damaged or lost. We do all kinds of cases for our clients.

 Any Residence Status

Be it American, Canadian, Australian, British, Emirati, Thai or any other residency status that you hold. You can apply online from anywhere in the world using our online portal.

 Minimum Documentation

No Indian address proof, aadhar (UID), notarized or attested documents from the Indian embassy. And no need to even submit your original documents. Just the copies are required.

 Types Of Cases That We Cater To!


Non-resident Indians living globally on a work visa, student, business or other visa.

OCI holder

Overseas citizen of India with an OCI card booklet or sticker in their passport.

PIO holder

Person of India with a PIO card or a declaration stamp in the passport.

U.S. citizen without OCI or PIO

Select this option if you possess a United States passport with no OCI or PIO card.

Foreign nationals without OCI or PIO

For example if you are a British, American, Canadian, Australian citizen use this option.

Company or Trust

If you are an organization or a trust with or without any presence in India.


For children below the age of 18, you need to select this option to learn more and proceed.


In case you are a karta of a HUF - hindu undivided family.


If you have a totally different case that is not mentioned in this list, then select this option.


Get a reissue in case your old copy is lost or damaged .


All sorts of changes and updates can be made by using this option.


Rectify errors or mistakes in your existing copy with this category.

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Few Important Questions!

What is a PAN card?
Permanent Account Number, or PAN, is a 10 digit alphanumeric number issued by the Income Tax Department in the form of a laminated card. It allows the department to link all of the "person's" financial transactions with the Indian government. It contains your unique pan number allotted to you, your full name, father's name, date of birth, photograh, your signature, QR code and a hologram.

Is it compulsory?
Yes. In many cases, providing a PAN is required. Non-residents living outside India must also provide their PAN number if they want to conduct any financial or investment transaction. However we still advise you to get professional consutlation from chartered accountant in regards to whether you are required to obtain one for yourself or not. Because there could be certain cases where you might be exempted.

In what cities around the world do you offer your services in?
In the past 15 years we have helped thousands of NRIs and foreign citizens in numerous cities across the globe. However, we have assisted a large number of Indian diaspora specifically in the cities like London, New York City, Bangkok, Pattaya, Canberra, Perth, Britsol, Manchester, Melbourne, Liverpool, New Jersey, Brisbane, Aukland, Ottawa, Edmonton, Adelaide, Boston, Seattle, Minneapolis, ​Fujairah, Ajman, Abu Dabhi, Ras Al-Khaimah, Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Redmond, Baltimore, Detroit, Bloomington, Portland, Orlando, Nashville, Tampa, Indianapolis, Jacksonville, Denver, Ashburn, Columbus, etc to name a few.

Is it also mandatory to quote it on the income tax return?
Yes, you must include your Indian PAN number on your income tax return. In the event of a default, a penalty of Rs.10,000 is imposed. 

Is a PAN number compulsory for NRIs too?
• All existing NRI assesses, taxpayers, and individuals required to file an income tax return must obtain a PAN.
• The Assessing Officer may issue it to any person, either on his own initiative or in response to a specific request from that person.
• People of Indian origin (PIO or OCI) living in other countries must also have a PAN in order to conduct financial or investment transactions in India.
• And in a variety of other situations where your chartered accountant will request you to get one. Especially if you are dealing in real estate and have a rental income accruing.

What is the most fastest way to get it?
Unfortunately there is no fast way. In fact the so called tatkal service is also not available for non residents, unless you have a aadhaar and Indian phone number to receive a OTP. However, we do our best to minimize the processing time as quick as possible. Please feel free to connect with us in case you wish to obtain it urgently. 

Do you assist in getting for a duplicate PAN card copy too? 
Yes. If you have lost your old card, damaged it, or simply need a reprint then we can certainly assist you. Simply visit this link to get a duplicate copy reissued .

Do you help getting corrections?
Absolutely. We have a team of experts who can connect with you to understand mistakes and errors present in your existing card. They will explain you the details about how to get the corrections or changes you require. You may checkout this page to get a correction for yourself and obtain a error free reprint in no time. 

What documents are required for a NRI or foreign citizen?
The supporting documents that must be submitted with your application are determined by your citizenship status. Ask us here  about what documents you will be required to provide. 

How can I get started?
Filing an application for an NRI, OCI and foreign passport holder is simple through us. Please begin your procedure right here

What is the fee and where to download the requisite forms?
The fee is determined by your passport and residency status. Please visit this link to learn more about the specific pricing for you. Alternatively you can download the necessary forms here .

Is a photograph required, and if so, what size should it be?
Only 'Individual' applicants are required to submit a photograph. You may submit passport size photograph of any dimension that you can obtain in your country of residence. You can always trim or crop it if it's too big. For example if you are applying from the U.S., you can get the 2x2 inches dimension size photo from fedex kinkos.

Can this be delivered to a foreign location outside of India?
Yes. You are eligible to receive it at any location on the planet. Once you've started your process, simply let us know where you'd like it delivered. You can request to receive worldwide.

I have a specific question. How can I contact you?
Please feel free to contact us right here